Good day to: Planning to get married ask today, new contracts, open your corporation, leave on vacation or travel in general, good first day of new job. Not so good to actually get married on this day. Never base your happiness on other’s misfortune!  If this year you are 29 or 41 years of age, take good care of your health, improve your eating habits, get plenty of rest, boost your immune system, a positive holistic lifestyle will diminish your chances of ill health.

If today is your birthday, be careful with an animal bite, a dream might actually be a message, try a creative endeavor.

Astrology: Natal or birth chart, key to all in astrology, if you have it, all can be deciphered from that snapshot at the time and place of your birth.  It’s a circle where all rotate around the earth, then you can divide the circle into sections, up or down, north or south, for example if you have more planets in the northern hemisphere most of your life challenges are public or if most of the planets on your chart are in the southern hemisphere your challenges will be personal or self.  If you look at the chart and most of your planets are to the east or right your fate is predetermined “still have free will”  while if most of your stars tend to be west or left side you have more free will or a blank slate for you to decide your own path.