Energy of the day:

A day where keeping things going on is what is best, not great but not bad energy either so make it a regular day and the day will end well.

The Ox, Dragon, Snake and Rooster need to work on their energies as it’s a bit turbulent today.

Taurus:  You know that sometimes agresion brings you to solutions, but conflict can be a mix bag so breathe before jumping in.

Scorpio:  The realities of life is that it’s not always an emotional ride, so when it is you need to breathe and know tomorrow might give you a better perspective on your reality.


If today is your birthday:

Be careful with an animal bite, a dream might actually be a message, try a creative endeavor.   You do well with animals, maybe even thoughts of becoming a veterinarian, not a bad idea.  You are intuitive so maybe therapist of some kind will be your thing.  In either case you have potential beyond so go there and be all you can be.  If time feels slow concentrate on finishing a project and take time off to recoup your energies.  Remember your dreams, you get spiritual insight, trust the flow that comes to you.