Energy of the day:

A day of magic, find a way to clear your energy, the ways are endless, if you go to my YouTube channel you will find plenty of free advice on how to clear energy, let me walk you through one thing you can do and make some sort of amulet that you can keep charged and use it for different purposes.  Over the next few weeks i will give you a different way to create this item and charge it so you can clear your energy.

If today is your birthday:

Be careful with an animal bite, a dream might actually be a message, try a creative endeavor.   You do well with animals, maybe even thoughts of becoming a veterinarian, not a bad idea.  You are intuitive so maybe therapist of some kind will be your thing.  In either case you have potential beyond so go there and be all you can be.  If time feels slow concentrate on finishing a project and take time off to recoup your energies.