Energy of the day:

Today is a great day to do magic, as per yesterday I will be giving you some special abilities to keep your energy clear, don’t worry it’s easy, today is a great initialization day so here are the ingredients you should gather to make the item.  A great day to bless into being a religious artifact.  Anything can be empowered with energy, this will be your first attempt at yours.

  1. Used pickle jar, wide mouth and glass
  2. Water from the market, clear drinking water
  3. Some salt sea salt is preferred but not required, Make sure it’s a full moon
  4. At midnight the witching hour, get yourself in a spiritual mode, meditate, pray, you get the idea
  5. A white candle, create an area your spiritually protected area, this is where you will put together the ingredients
  6. A plain glass filled with water
  7. A small cup filled with salt add an incense stick I like Lavender also for later you can get some lavender oil
  8. Incense sticks cascara Sagrada, sandalwood, Eucalyptus, peppermint, jasmine, patchouli, sage, but you can do you
  9. a small red candle
  10. A white cloth like a handkerchief but bigger.

If today is your birthday:

Focus on one thing at a time, your insight might be open so pay attention to your intuition, even if you don’t want to hear it, listen to advice.  Your charisma might be high so take it for a spin.  It’s good to be good but not a punching bag of emotions for others, you have your own path but dividing yourself might diminish much of your true potential.  Never a waste of time to enjoy some alone time and recuperate from stress.