Energy of the day:

It’s a good day for beginnings, today if you want to start something new this is the right day for beginnings.

The Rabbit, Dog and Pig have exceptionally complex energies today so for you a bit of prayer and meditation will bring balance to your life.

Gemini:  This is a year to declutter your life, get to it NOW!

Sagittarius:  You’ve been doing it right and burning bright, now it’s time to revisit and see where your next goal post is taking you, maybe take time to breathe and find your next move.


If today is your birthday:

Be careful with excess, liquor, drugs etc.  your body can be prone to ulcers if you don’t take care of your digestion.  Caution with a ticket or other vehicle issues, you tend to be sensual so keep yourself in check or it can get away from you.  You are deep, don’t let shortsightedness or attitudes get in your way to your destinations, you have many throughout life.  Stop saying you will do it, finish what you start, look inside and in retrospect realize there is a part of you that needs to come out in order for the whole to be complete.