Energy of the day:

Wonderful smooth energy, so try any endeavor, the energy of today offers more good luck than most.  Remember nothing is guaranteed in life but when all is focused favorably it increases the chance for success.

Start the candles, pray or meditate, invoke the four coordinates, north, south, east, west, ask all the flow of positive energies to bind the ingredients empowering the spell.   If you have not read before go back a few days so you may complete the spell.

If today is your birthday:

If a man, you can have a strange character, moody, check for anemia or iron deficiency, a good multi vitamin could overcome this potential, don’t go into crazy diets, do the work, work out keeps you well and you can overcome these tendencies, opportunities to cheat will present, overcome these feelings by taking the high road and not cheating.  Be careful of having child out of wedlock, these are possibilities easily prevented.  Exceptionally talented, nothing you can’t do, attractive eyes, pay attention of dreams as you have spiritual connection and messages at night.  Aqua is your best color so wearing green or blue will help your energies.  Music is good, painting, arts, interior design could be a good career if so inclined.  Take care of your circulation, high blood pressure, palpitation, be careful if you like to many sweets, try not to blow your top, or can have an aneurism, if you start something finish, don’t leave unfinished business.  Go to church, synagogue, mosque, etc. find your faith and you will find your salvation in case you need it.