Energy of the day:

You want to cash in then today is a good day, remember to always be grateful for each and every day.  If you believe in magic, remember there are rules, don’t abuse it, don’t use dark magic, never in anger, always with love, magic is a doorway of sorts so thread carefully as there are more things in heaven and earth than man knows of.

If today is your birthday:

Charismatic, sweet, service, and companionate, family oriented, usually smart in study, hidden fears can rule this date, may need to look for psychological help in these cases, anxieties etc.  Can have tendencies to gain weight because of these tendencies, family loss because of lack of help in situations where help would be good for them.  This sign has to grab what they need in life or all around can take what is theirs, creative, hard worker, family above all else.  If woman make sure to check with gynecologist as can be prone to syst, fibroid, not bad but emotions can create them same check on thyroid same reasons.