Energy of the day:

Today you should work on keeping your balance, learn to breathe instead of jumping to solutions, look in the mirror and know you can do!

Leo: It’s time to keep yourself to yourself, enjoy the good things in life.

If today is your birthday:

Whatever sacrifices you endure will bear fruit from your labor; happiness is coming to you.  Don’t be hesitant to ask for advice when the solution to any problem eludes you.  Charisma might be good so ask that special person out today. If the ocean, river, or lake calls walk by the water and energize, can also be used to release any pent-up energies.  If you feel like being of service will serve your life goals then go with it, so many go through life and never find that one thing.  There is a new awakening of sorts coming into your life, don’t get desperate if things don’t go at your pace.