Energy of the day:

Today’s energy is very positive, any positive endeavor will have a boost to be successful today so take your projects for a day.

The Dragon, Horse, Goat and Pig need to step it up with some cleansing rituals just to step into this good energy day as their energies are a bit turbulent.

Leo:  If you’ve been feeling a bit off, time to work on your energies through some cleansing rituals, you might want to schedule a reading or cleansing on my website,

Aquarius:  Feeling off but not why, talking things out with people you trust might be just the medicine for you to refocus your life.


If today is your birthday:

Whatever sacrifices you endure will bear fruit from your labor; happiness is coming to you.  Don’t be hesitant to ask for advice when the solution to any problem eludes you.  Charisma might be good so ask that special person out today. If the ocean, river, or lake calls walk by the water and energize, can also be used to release any pent-up energies.  If you feel like being of service will serve your life goals then go with it, so many go through life and never find that one thing.  There is a new awakening of sorts coming into your life, don’t get desperate if things don’t go at your pace.