Energy of the day:

A good day to get returns on your investment, if you’ve been working towards a goal, to get a promotion more money, ask hand in marriage, you get the idea.  Not a good day for any negative endeavors like legal issues, or fighting, ect.

The Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and  Monkey have low energies today so for you find a way to clean off this dark cloud and join the energy of the day, a good day.

Leo:  Time to dive into creativity, does not matter if something you’ve left in the past, get back to it or maybe start a new endeavor you’ve wanted to try.

Aquarius:  Time to mingle, get out of your cave, this energy can do you well, don’t procrastinate, expand your circle.

If today is your birthday:

There is nothing you can’t accomplish, get out of your head and enjoy the day, be patient, you were gifted with a sharp mind, but you need to have patience for the lesser of this world, it’s not their fault you can run mind circles around most.  A bit of depression or moodiness can affect you with or without reason so part of starting a regular workout routine may indeed balance your demeanor.  Be careful who you help, or they will use you then become your enemy because of envy.  Be careful with a friend or someone close who looks at your spouse with sexual eyes.   Someone wants you to feel pity on them but it’s just to use you.