Energy of the day:

This is literary one of the lowest energy days this month, try to keep anything important to a minimum, remember this day will also pass and the sun will come out tomorrow.

The Monkey, Rooster and pig are having good day today so although the universal energies are low these three signs will go counter and have a better chance of success in any endeavor.

If today is your birthday:

There is nothing you can’t accomplish, get out of your head and enjoy the day, be patient, you were gifted with a sharp mind, but you need to have patience for the lesser of this world, it’s not their fault you can run mind circles around most.  A bit of depression or moodiness can affect you with or without reason so part of starting a regular workout routine may indeed balance your demeanor.  Be careful who you help, or they will use you then become your enemy because of envy.  Be careful with a friend or someone close who looks at your spouse with sexual eyes.   Someone wants you to feel pity on them but it’s just to use you.