Stay home if you can, turbulent energies abound, go do something enjoyable, the beach, fishing, nothing important should be done today.

If your birthday, be careful with an emotional misunderstanding get you into a fight or a breakup.  You can be prone to low immunity so if you’re getting sick, colds etc, reevaluate your lifestyle and improve.

Good day for a Rat, Ox, not so good for the Horse today

Looking for abundance, cook regularly, let the home smell of food, place in a basked fresh fruits, seven different types, offer to the spirits of water.  If fresh water like river is near leave the offering in the home for 5 days and nights then leave the entire basket close to the water, pour honey over the fruits and ask for your wish.  If near ocean then leave in the home the offering for 7 days and nights then deposit near the sea shore again pouring honey over the fruits and asking for your wish.