Energy of the day:

The energy today is low so if you can avoid doing something important do it tomorrow.  These types of energies can make you feel stuck but it’s not you it’s just the energy in the environment today.

The Tiger, Horse and Dog need to do more as your specific energies are not stable today, maybe some prayer, meditation or just stay home and relax, tomorrow will be a better day.

Virgo:  Time to streamline your time, your life, make sure there is time for fun and games.

Pisces:  If it’s time to get going stop procrastinating, after all it’s you that can stop or delay your new path.


If today is your birthday:

If you have strange thoughts or feel as if you might be different it’s because you are, you were born special and should explore this individuality find your true purpose.   If you feel like cooking for example is your passion then cook, you are truly a person who is happy for all success yours or mine does not matter just be happy.  Your insight will be incredible especially through dreams but if you constantly feel tired in the morning then perhaps you need to check our blood, it might be anemia or iron deficiency that afflicts you.  You have very magnetic eyes; your vision can captivate if you learn to use it you might even be able to send emotional messages by them.  This birthday speaks of death and rebirth, the phoenix, reborn from the ashes of your old existence.  If you are scared of dark, sleep with a small night light, on in your bedroom.  If jealous let it go or you can lose the one you love, an old love affair will come back, choose wisely.  If you’ve lost some money or other, you will recover or find it again.