Energy of the day:

Today is a day to give thanks, pray, love, use your day in meditation and prayer, give thanks, be grateful.  The energy of the day is so that it sends out and amplifies what you pray for.

If today is your birthday:

Be careful with a confrontation, probably in the afternoon or evening time, resolve with logic and not violence don’t abandon your principles.  Be careful with an emotional misunderstanding get you into a fight or a breakup.  You can be prone to low immunity so if you’re getting sick, colds etc., reevaluate your lifestyle and improve.  It’s plausible that you want to move, it’s this insatiable desire to find your place, until you do you will wonder and move.  Learn to curve any anger as this debilitates the immune system.  You will recover all you’ve lost, check your blood as you might have an issue can be as simple as anemia or iron deficiency.  Always use protection as you might get pregnant out of wedlock if a woman.