Energy of the day:

Good day for new things, go out for a movie, dinner, initiate a trip, get engaged, you get the idea, well ready or not today is a good day.

The Horse and the Goat have exceptionally good energy so for you all doors are open, take this positive energy for a spin.

The Tiger, Rabbit and Pig should work on their energies as they might make you feel like just staying home today.


If today is your birthday:

You will overcome obstacles, you have had many but be assured you will be victorious as you have had adversity but if you don’t give up, if you don’t surrender you will be victorious.  If you meditate and summon the spirits of your ancestors connect with your spirit guides, you guardian angel and spirit will guide you to success.  Be more as you grow, be careful with some clumsy action that might injure you in the lower extremities, your creative mind should be explored and see where it takes you.  Not too much of any one thing like smoking or alcohol, extremes may cause health issues in the future, and what a wonderful future you have, don’t doubt yourself.  Live and dream in your mind but make the transition to reality and realize all you dream of.