Energy of the day:

The way forwards is by looking ahead, try and free your thoughts from past issues, present blocks are only there to make you stronger, know you can do it and you will, on an energy day where all is possible promote your love of life of success and stop any nay Sayers by only listening to the positive in your life.

The Horse and Goat will have to struggle more to make the goals reality, does not mean you won’t make it simply focus more and push forwards.

Libra: Start feeling great, don’t let any hiccup set you back simply keep moving forwards, at the end you will achieve.

If today is your birthday:

Fun person to be with, learn your limits and exercise restraint, your flights of fancy may in time take your health.  You do then you dwell on the past, look ahead, and stop thinking about things you caused and cannot fix simply learn and move forwards.  Travel is in your future but why do you doubt, in your life you have potential for so many experiences, you might want to write about them or anything else that comes to mind.  Exercise will keep your emotions in check, a long life is yours so live to the fullest, try writing as your creative side needs exploration.