Energy of the day:

Great day to remove negative energies, this could be just attachments from other people, places with heavy energy or even generational damage.  Go clear your energies start from prayer, meditation, find some other form of cleansing, you can find my Chanel on youtube or schedule a cleanse from my website

The Rat, Snake, Dragon, Monkey and the Pig have turbulent flow of energy today so for you work on prayer and meditation.

Libra:  Feeling like something is off but can’t pinpoint why, start chatting with friends or family to better get your bearings.

Aries:  Sometimes conflict or friction is what will get you to unearth your true path of life so use caution but plow forwards.

If today is your birthday:

Fun person to be with, learn your limits and exercise restraint, your flights of fancy may in time take your health.  You do then you dwell on the past, look ahead, and stop thinking about things you caused and cannot fix simply learn and move forwards.  Travel is in your future but why do you doubt, in your life you have potential for so many experiences, you might want to write about them or anything else that comes to mind.  There can be an attraction to friends of the same sex, be careful not to confuse friendship to intimate connection, misunderstandings can appear for this birthday.