Energy of the day:

On today’s stable energies you can expect or request what you want or need, the odds are good for return on your well invested energies, trust the process but push, don’t just sit and expect ask, make it yours by moving in that direction.

Libra: Be frank with someone you’ve been nice to, or you could be irritated by people you’ve supported and can take advantage of your good nature.

If today is your birthday:

You have a varied and unique personality, try, and use your god given gifts and leave nothing behind that might not be of use in the future.  Experience comes to mind; your life is yours and if it is so, gather your thoughts and continue.  When interested in something stick with it until you get it and learn something else, your life will be a life of enlightenment.  You might be feeling more comfortable in your own skin, enjoy the flow of ideas.