Energy of the day:

If you’re looking to get abundant return to your activities, then today has a good flow for this type of thing.

The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Snake and Rooster have complex energies so for you maybe some sort of cleansing ritual might smooth out your energies enough to have a plentiful day.

The Rabbit has exceptional energies today so for you go for it.

Libra:  You are a communicator so if you feel out of sort, put your thoughts into words and let it out.

Taurus:   Focus, if you make a commitment it’s time for you to learn not to over commit, you will not end well so from the start only promise to what you can truly do.


If today is your birthday:

You have a varied and unique personality, try, and use your god given gifts and leave nothing behind that might not be of use in the future.  Experience comes to mind; your life is yours and as long it will be so, gather your thoughts and continue.  When interested in something stick with it until you get it and learn something else, your life will be a life of enlightenment.  You might be feeling more comfortable in your own skin, enjoy the flow of ideas.  As a sensitive soul you need freedom, so when you feel down sit by the expansive ocean and let it go.