Energy of the day:

Smooth sailing today, the energy is very stable, if you don’t rock the boat the day will be smooth from morning till night.

The Rat, Dragon and Snake all have good energy today so for you take your good flow for a spin.

The Tiger, Rooster, Dog and Horse all have sketchy energies so for you prayer and meditation to enhance the flow of energy might be called for.

Scorpio:  Feel like you’re on an emotional ride, retreat to comfort and safe zone and work your way back when you recoup.

Taurus:  Stop wasting time, you might consider it being social but look in the mirror and don’t hide from the truth, especially not to yourself.

Moon Void of Course:  During these times it’s best to stay on normal task and don’t do anything new usually a poor time to make important decisions,  VOC moon is after the moon makes it’s last aspect before changing signs remember the moon changes signs every 2.5 days.

If today is your birthday:

You may be a bit moodier than any one person should be, but we are all unique, find your place and make sure you eat a balanced meal.  You might run out of steam, if you are one of those then some blood work might lead to what vitamin or mineral you are lacking, usually the fix is simple, supplements.  Your dreams are vivid and will reveal not only the future but things about yourself that will help you move forward.  If a woman, keep an eye on your menstrual cycle as you may be prone to heavy flow or painful periods.   Expressive eyes you might not be a good poker player.