Energy of the day:

The day is best used to initiate what ever endeavor is important to you, for example if you have been working towards cleaning that garage or that basement or attic then today is that day.  If you want to start that new business then initiate today, you don’t have to finish today but start on a day like today will most likely bring an abundant return.

If today is your birthday:

You may be a bit moodier than any one person should be, but we are all unique, find your place and make sure you eat a balanced meal.  You might run out of steam, if you are one of those then some blood work might lead to what vitamin or mineral you are lacking, usually the fix is simple, supplements.  Your dreams are vivid and will reveal not only the future but things about yourself that will help you move forward.


Want to bring more love into your home try growing ferns in the front of the house, this is a plant that when it flourished your home will have love if it constantly dies then you need to take a look at the energy in the home.