Energy of the day:

Some days are good some days are meant to open new doors by closing old ones, today is a good day to burn the old and plant the new, so you can do some rituals, write a letter to the universe, brown paper and use a pencil, write what you want to cut from your life dig a hole pour some alcohol light it on fire, then cover it with dirt.  Write another letter on brown paper with pencil, sign it, place on a white plate, pour some cinnamon powder over it, around the edge of the paper pour some 70 % alcohol then light it on fire, cross over the fire several times, be careful not to get burnt.  Then just walk away.

Leo:  Time to find new ways to access your inner intuition, might be a bit foggy at first but what you send out to the univerce will come back 10 fold so don’t give up you are at a cross roads.

If today is your birthday:

Many hidden talents, a salesperson, a creative person, ideas keep flowing but you can’t choose one and stick to it.  Don’t be afraid of being ridiculed after all the only bad question is the one not posed.  Don’t worry for you will achieve, all you need to do is start, play a musical instrument, be more tomorrow than you were today.  Sometimes moving your body might be what you need if agitated, take the time to relax by sweating out any anxiety.