Good day to get rid of things no longer matter in your life, bad relationship, donate old clothing give food to needy.

If your birthday, pump your creative juices and work your creativity, make sure you stretch more as you could pull a muscle, drink more water.  Try not to be concerned with material wealth and grow in culture, travel, evolve.  Look for love, stability will come

Bad day for Rat,

Intuition, in the month of January 2019 i was given information that I should purchase masks, gloves, bodysuits, for shoes, at the time my wife wondered what fore, then now this virus appeared and she understood.  We were supposed to visit our daughter september 2019 and then later february 2020.  It was decided it would be ok in september but not February 2020, again later it was proven to be correct.  Trust your instincts, we all have a little intuitive quality, if it feels strong look at it in more detail.