Energy of the day:

My advice for the day, the energies are volatile so it’s better not to do anything of importance, if you can avoid it just chill and this too will pass, the day that is.  Today is rather good for any destructive endeavor so if you want to knock down that old stump or tear down that shed or any other destruction type activity then it’s all good.

If today is your birthday:

Many hidden talents, a salesperson, a creative person, ideas keep flowing but you can’t choose one and stick to it.  Don’t be afraid of being ridiculed after all the only bad question is the one not posed.  Don’t worry for you will achieve, all you need to do is start, play a musical instrument, be more tomorrow than you were today.  Sometimes moving your body might be what you need if agitated, take the time to relax by sweating out any anxiety.


Garlic has supper powers more than just for food, if you have some cloves and feel invaded by negative energies then take a bite and the scent will diffuse any negative energies around you.  If you have a cut or other area that is not right rub on garlic to help speed up healing.  The dried peels of garlic may be used in burning insence as an added boost.