Energy of the day:

There are moments where we simply must say time to get going, so stop procrastinating your dreams time to pull the trigger, do your due diligence and then stop dreaming and start living your new path of life.

Scorpio:  You might feel like you’ve been holding on to something who’s time has expired, get out of bed and light that new fire, you are more ready than you think.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to be special, like politics then dive right in, the level of excitement can take you far, don’t get sidetracked by stupid impulses, stay the course and you will reach heights in any world you choose to go into.  For you, the water is an essential ingredient, people wonder what it is, an intangible I think, in either case take it for a spin.  If you need to become more balanced try to start an exercise routine, slowly and build, no rush just consistent.