Energy of the day:

A good flow energetic day, if you want to start on the right foot today is that day, play the odds then today is a good day to begin an important activity.

The Tiger has exceptional good energy today so for you do as you will and the odds of success is best today.

Gemini:   Time to finish what you’ve left for another day, the more you delay the more you pile on the things to do.

Sagittarius:  Time to look within, like therapy when we look deep the odds are good for improvement.

Astrology is incredible for many reasons:

In Predictive Astrology, we look at transits, solar returns, progressions and much more to decipher the timing of events.

Synastry for relationships in astrology:  It’s most useful in a chart to chart comparison in predicting how two people will get along especially in love, marriage and more.

Natal Astrology will look at your birth chart and all the aspects between your birth planets and signs and houses and points to give you a complete blueprint of your life.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to be special, like politics then dive right in, the level of excitement can take you far, don’t get sidetracked by stupid impulses, stay the course and you will reach heights in any world you choose to go into.  For you, the water is an essential ingredient, people wonder what it is, an intangible I think, in either case take it for a spin.  If you need to become more balanced try to start an exercise routine, slowly and build, no rush just consistent.