Energy of the day:

Of all days this one you should avoid to do anything important, make it a chill day, pray, meditate, love each other, on a day like this any cleansing rituals should provide a great strengthening for your energy.

If today is your birthday:

You were born to be special, like politics then dive right in, the level of excitement can take you far, don’t get sidetracked by stupid impulses, stay the course and you will reach heights in any world you choose to go into. For you, the water is an essential ingredient, people wonder what it is, an intangible I think, in either case take it for a spin. If you need to become more balanced try to start an exercise routine, slowly and build, no rush just consistent.

Plain grass yes you can roll it together and tie in a ball hang it in front of house for protection, you may also create little bunches and hand on the four corners of your home or bedroom, it has a tendency to bind and protect the area.