Energy of the day:

Some might be feeling like there is a cloud or an anchor hanging over you, it’s time for a ritual to release some bad juju that’s been following, time to meditate, pray, use some cleansing rituals, if you feel you need some heavier be welcome to check out my website and schedule a strong release.

Sagittarius:  Time to stop thinking and start acting, change takes action, you are ready make it so.

If today is your birthday:

You always land on your feet, not to say things won’t go wrong as that is what it means to be human, smart, good conversationalist, be a realist if you shoot for the stars and only achieve the moon be happy, you might want to be sad because you did not achieve your goals so keep them within the realm of the possible and you will avoid sadness and despair.  You are being appreciated more than you think, don’t think less of yourself or that is where you will end up.