Energy of the day:

Definitely not a good energy day, perhaps if you need to destroy, so if that old shed has to go today is a good day for any destructive event like breaking up that relationship, tear down that ugly  bathroom, etc, you get the idea.

Chinese Astrology learning your sign and element will give you guidance and it is primarily focused on the moon, this year it’s the year of the rabbit and it begins in February 2023.  Similar to western astrology it can give you the best times of the month for success in many aspects such as business and love or romance.

The Ox, Snake and Rooster need extra work as their energies a already volatile.

Gemini:  Make room for the new you must dispose of the clutter still around you.

Sagittarius:  You’ve been doing much and shining bright but it’s now time to breathe and look at what is truly important and fine tune where you spend your energies.

There are many right times and wrong times to initiate something new, Void of course of the Moon is definitely wrong time as I stated in previous posts, for example the moon is waning this week and is generally also called an unfavorable time to start anything of significance.   Timing is everything so if you are going to start a new endeavor it’s important to maximize the chances for success by choosing auspicious times.  Timing of events in astrology should be consulting and you can ask Hector Espinosa by visiting his astrology website and selecting one of his many packages.  Check out the many packages and choose one that best suits your purpose.  Choose moon timing is definitely one of the most important factors for selling, buying, surgery, wedding, moving in, new business or job etc.



If today is your birthday:

You always land on your feet, not to say things won’t go wrong as that is what it means to be human, smart, good conversationalist, be a realist if you shoot for the stars and only achieve the moon be happy, you might want to be sad because you did not achieve your goals so keep them within the realm of the possible and you will avoid sadness and despair.  You are being appreciated more than you think, don’t think less of yourself or that is where you will end up.