Energy of the day:

You need to push today, lots of plans moving forwards but you might need a little extra, start some regular cleansings of your aura, this will help get you smoothing your path and opening the doors to success even more.

Capricorn:  You had doors opening, hopefully took the opportunity and will begin to reap the rewards now.

If today is your birthday:

Maybe some headaches, keep an eye on what you eat as a finicky digestive system may cause some of your maladies such as headaches.  You might be quick to anger and along the length of your life this might cause you relationships and friendships.  If you feel you need change then do it, trust your instincts because following your intuition will get there faster than anger.  If you’ve been butting head lately take a break, it’s not about you  and that’s ok, other people also need to feel special.