Energy of the day:

One of the best days of the month, all positive endeavors have a better chance to align with your plans today so stay away with negative activities today such as revenge, any legal actions and the chances of success is best today for all positive things.

Major aspects in astrology:

Conjunction:  when close together planets become conjunct, it can be a blind spot of sorts as you may think all see it the way you do but in fact not be the case.  Usually a very positive aspect.

Sextile:  Most read it like a trine but it’s not so, trines are so naturally produced that the person might not see them as such but just assume while for sextile it also points to a good blend but you must initiate to trigger it while with the trine it just happens.  Most appreciate or notice more the sextile when it happens because you must do or act to trigger the event.

Squares:  Can create tension the planets and the points involved, if too much tension it often creates stress in the person with the square.   Squares can get us out of our comfort zone, if you properly apply to the squares you can also grow and if worked on  an be a win as it can teach more lessons and you will evolve.  More difficult in your youth as we grow older the odds are these aspects will be worked on and once overcome you the person will grow.

Trine:  These conjunctions support each other, the situations become blended as these aspects are supportive without any work on your part and this is why we often see sextiles and appreciate them as we still need to do something to trigger sextiles while trines just happen.

Oppositions:  These require others to see their mirror opposites, to properly use this often negatively considered aspect is by looking at a situation and considering the other side of our perspective and thus learn to become better negotiators working through the situations.   It can be the cause of insecurities and uncertainty within ourselves unsure often wavering until the new balance and understanding is achieved.


If  today is your birthday:

You can be moody, if a female you might have heavy or painful periods, most likely an old soul very open to the spirit world.  You are in your head so exercise is a good way to balance all the stuff that can and often does torment you with excessive thought.  I often recommend some sort of cardio at least an hour every day and I will guarantee within the first month you will see and become a better person for this alone.  Most will have pretty or in some way your eyes will be highlighted, maybe not a good poker player as you show your feelings through your eyes.  As an old soul you might often feel out of place or a need for independency but this is a good thing as you grow older you will find the balance between being alone and sharing your qualities with others in intimate relationships.