Energy of the day:

It’s a day of commencement, if you want to start your vacation, going back to the gym, start a new job, what ever new activity today is a good day to start it on the right foot.

Aquarius:  Even if you can’t see it’s beginning the doors are open to brainstorming the next big thing, keep moving forwards and what you want will be yours.

If today is your birthday:

How you do it will depend on your upbringing, but you have this magnetic personality that will give insight into your desires and how to attain them.  Money then money is what you will bring into your life, love then that is what you will attract into your life, you get the idea.  If you can think it you can create it, this intangible way to attract to you what you want can last a lifetime or you can wake up and it’s gone.  Want to play music than you will learn and be good at it, achievement is within your purview, just know it and will make it so.