Energy of the day:

Today is a great day to get rid of any bad karma, negative energy you could have been harboring without realizing, so find your center and clear those energies even karmic ones can be cleared so never give up never surrender.

If today is your birthday:

This is generally a good-looking day, maybe not in the traditional way but still a magnetic personality will allow you to get what you want in life.  Learning might come easily to you so as you choose what to learn remember you like the good life so learn something that will make you money.  A bit sensitive then learn to overcome your sensitive nature, if you wear glasses then make sure you stay up on prescription or it could lead to headaches.

What is magic, it’s part of nature, those able to tap into it, all can learn at one level or another, nature or the natural world gives us all a chance, so those with the spark cn move energies in a harmonious way to create needed change.