Energy of the day:

Open your doors, this day is a day to do launch your ship in any direction, with a good flow day initiate any of many things you have been wanting but have been reluctant or scared, this is that day with the best option for success1

If this is your birthday:

Moody can be a word you are familiar with, nice eyes or attractive eyes can be a trait to this birthday, learn to interpret your dreams, follow your nose and it will lead you to where you want to go.  A colorful way of looking at life, follow what drives you and take chances, in life how you go will take you far if you don’t you might become depressed and lethargic. If you don’t sleep well then see what vitamin or mineral you are taking, it’s not normal so check out with a normal blood test and you will see what is missing or low in your blood.

There is no better candle magic than you making your own candle, as you make it you mold the intent into the creation.  Equal parts of paraffin U pure beeswax, how much to use is depending on how many candles you wish to create.  You can get all the ingredients from a candle shop or a hobby & craft store.  While making it you can infuse the candle with certain oils even use powders, in every step of creation you may infuse your wish your mind, psychic mower into the candle making it an extension of your manifestation of your wish into the candle.