Energy of the day:

If you’ve been itching to take your life to the next level, today is a good day, meditate, focus, visualize on that future this will trigger a new start, remember like hypnosis if you will it it will be so, your subconscious will find a way to make it reality.

Pisces:  Sort your emotions and stop your second guessing, think strait and make it so, doubt only makes the future murky.


If today is your birthday:

Loosen up being stressed will not help you, further it can cause muscle and bone tension so why go there.  Get a regular massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, a combo will keep you in fighting trim.  Look there is nothing beyond reach just try to desire and achieve you will.  Don’t be negative or rebel against those who give you advice or suggestions, try and stay calm and all will be ok.  Learn to play an instrument or another creative talent anything to give your mind flow and not get stuck with old habits that can block your path.