Energy of the day:

The energy of the day is closed to most new things so try and just wait the day until it passes, perhaps meditate, cleanse your energies, just work spiritually and the day might pass without any negative consequences.

If today is your birthday:

Not your typical Gemini this one can achieve most of his or her goals, still creative by nature but able to focus his abilities beyond the typical in the sign.  Like a gypsy might choose to roam until his true purpose is discovered, you might even become some sort of businessman, manager etc.  Be careful as your digestive system could affect you if not happy and stress over comes your life.   Through some original ideas you might get out of this stagnant state.

Energy not at it’s best, look at your natal chart, don’t need to move, use your solar return to create what you need without moving to a better energy area.  If you look at your place of residence and the houses related to one of the key