The day’s energies are good for most things, so if today you wish to do anything productive or fun, even you have the green light.  Try to stay away from anything confrontational or disruptive as it could bounce back as the positive energy of the day will protect most people.

Bad day for the rat and the dragon, perhaps for those of this sign it might be best to keep relaxed and do nothing important today if it can be avoided.

The Zodiac signs

Aries: pioneering, innovative, direct, sharp, strong, lacking perseverance.

Taurus: Slow, steady, stubborn, immovable, a builder, develops naturally

Gemini: Flexible, adaptable, likes to play with ideas, witty, quick, reflexes

Leo: Proud, magnanimous, needs, affection, support, entertaining, flamboyant, often shy and self-conscious

Virgo: Neat, clean, fastidious, fussy, picky, refines, perfectionist, demanding, helpful, may accidently hurt others feelings with critical thinking

Remember there are other factors that affect a person’s personality, for example if the above do not fit, look into what is the ascending sign and where is your moon.  Guarantee any of these can sque what sign you were born under.