Energy of the day:

If you have planted it’s a good day for returns, for example if getting ready to ask for increase in your salary then today has a good chance to succeed, want to ask for the hand in marriage or out on a date, pull the trigger, today will have a better than average day to be success on any endeavor.


If today is your birthday:

This birthday may need regular cleansings of energy, you may be open in a level that can overcome you so there are many simple techniques that could work for you.  Take some tangerine peels and add them to a pot of water, some sugar, honey cinnamon stick and some cooking cloves. After your regular bath pour this mixture once you boil it and let it cool overhead and dry off.  There are many others so if interested you can book an appointment with me.


In astrology the second of the 12 houses is all about money, income, material possessions, job, work, business are prioritized in this house.