Energy of the day:

A great day to give thanks for all you have focus on the positives in your life, past, present and what you feel will be your future, remember visualization is basic to achievement so without hesitation you should pull in all your positive feelings and give birth to your new resolve, be resolute in the knowledge the truth of your destiny will set you free.

Cancer:  You might be feeling challenged by people or just an invisible force or feeling not identifiable, patience, all will become clear soon enough.

If today is your birthday:

The only world you belong in is the purely spiritual world, you might be tempted but stay in the light.    You were born to be all you were born to be I know it sounds like rhetoric but it’s a gift to be bork on this day.  Any future days will only bring light into the world, entertain and more.  Stay away from too much food, it can be your enemy, learn to harness your strength and let loose your true potential.  Be careful with your low back or back in general, drink plenty of water so you don’t develop some muscular deficiencies like tension on your person.