Energy of the day:

It’s a positive day so most positive endeavors will work well today, remember no guarantees but if you think of it this way, there is a better chance to have fun on a non rainy day if you are going to the park, imagine energy day that is sunny and this is your day, does not guarantee a good time but because it’s a sunny day likewise with energy the likelihood for your endeavors to succeed have exponentially grow.

If today is your birthday:

There is a reason you like the outdoors; the sun supplements your vitamin D count so if you do not spend enough outdoors then take a vitamin D daily.   You’re a go getter and like the good life so work towards your goal.  If you feel spent then maybe your immune system can suffer so get enough sleep, exercise and three good meals a day.  When inspiration is everywhere, we smell the roses and hear the birds sing, try it, might be surprised.

In astrology there are 12 houses, some are for money, wealth, some for love and family yet more related to health, so house 4 is more about family and your roots, grounding your path based on your growing years and familiar experiences, more so related to the female of the species, so mother, sister, wife etc.