Energy of the day:

Keep in mind that on a day like today you might just focus on meditation, yoga, tai-chi any tool at your disposal to improve your life is what should be worked on today; a day for positive reinforcement so positive self talk will work best on a day such as today.

If today is your birthday:

Natural abilities, creative artistic, let go of old family issues and put all your eggs in your basket, try and accomplish without being burdened by outside issues.  Good looking and good talker you will excel at many things but choose one to be great at.  You can be a leader, don’t allow insecurities to down you, love is on the horizon, don’t over think it, regular exercise will allow you vent any pent-up anxiety.

Astrology the meaning of the 5th house, creative, loving house, romance will be better or worse depending on the energies ruling this house so if you are looking to improve your self-expression then look into this house and how you may improve the outcome for these energies.