Energy of the day:

The volatility of the day is not perfect but if you use your own energies you might be able to overcome the strange energies emanating on this day.  Pray, Meditate, clear your energies by doing some cleansing rituals,  you will be able to overcome the conflictive energies or you can just wait another day.

If today is your birthday:

You will get far with a good work ethic, sensitive to others will know just what to do or say to get what you want.  Creative you can think outside the box, for the women you will get ahead, and men will not stand in your way.  If you happen to be in the group that gets headaches, then check your eyes as you might need glasses.  Indulge, get out of the routine, and find some joy again in all you do, socialize, and rejoice for you are alive.