Energy of the day:

Today is  a day to reinforce balance in your life, so try and tighten up all the loose ends in your world today, there are many things we need to grow and finish what we start so also today a good day for such endeavors.

If today is your birthday:

This person will be most successful in an environment where  you will have the opportunity to shine, music, travel, taking in life is the Motus operando of this personality.  Although they can be structured, they have a certain flare to achieve, the ability to sell it as it were.   In any environment most will excel with their people skills and their ability to see the bigger picture and think outside the box.  For you make a bath with mandarin peels and some honey boil add a bit of your normal perfume or cologne and after you take a shower pour over head and dry off.  The color of orange is the preferred to turn on your aura and mojo so wear in general pastel colors, stay away from red as it can take you overboard.  If you want to pull off a power move, then red is the go-to color.  You are the type who can do well in regular life and one day let your wild side out and go off the reservation for passion and love.  With the golden or Midas touch these creatures can use their sensual allure to obtain a goal and or capture a love interest.  If so inclined, family will tend to ground you into the best you always keeping that youthful way of thinking and not obsessing to the point you don’t even sleep well.  Your creative potential can include writing and communications either verbal or written or both.  Check your body for a birth mark, it’s not all June 6 but those who have a birth mark are marked for something special in their destiny.