Energy of the day:

Its a good day to ask for returns on your investment, if you’ve nurtured and prepared then why not, today is a good day to get what you’ve been working towards.

Virgo: Give it what it wants, once you do you will feel more like yourself.

If today is your birthday:

Finish what you start, this includes your education, when you stress be careful with indigestion as your emotional self will get hit with strife in your life.  Stay away from loneliness, go out make friends join groups etc.  Lucky at heart, this birthday was given heaven luck, don’t squander it as nothing lasts forever,  often you might feel like the negative side of life has passed you by and you don’t know why, well don’t look a gift horse in the eye, accept and move on.  Try going to the ocean and ask for more blessings, give thanks and go fourth.