Energy of the day:

We always look for that Juice spot where we are at our best at our happiest, its an emotion that can be recreated by connecting your emotions to that feeling of past elation and bring it forward, today is an open day so all is possible take the day and navigate your positive emotions, with this you may yet open the next and the next so on so forth …..

Libra:  Indulge yourself, it’s a time where you may feel like treating yourself is the right thing.  Have faith it can move mountains!

If today is your birthday:

You have a potential because you have brains and a good disposition, people will generally like you, it’s a gift most do not naturally poses, a good communicator can be good dealing with the public,  don’t let your negative side bring you down, mostly self-esteem issues you bring on from past experiences.  To overcome must let go, if you are in a position of authority or own your own business push as you can grow form there, limits are your own imagination.  You are a child of love and affection, if you have a choice to make sleep on it, then some more thinking, never jump without looking or looking at it from all angles.  Hang with people that are an asset and not a liability cut the cord and make new friendships.