Energy of the day:

A low energy day so the best we can do on a day where the energy is very low is to meditate, pray, cleanse the energy in our aura, once we elevate to a good degree it’s good to expand our sensors and love ourselves to elevate an otherwise low energy day.

Libra:  It’s time to to do some much needed socializing, remember we are better together, engaging in friendly conversation might just be what the doctor ordered.

If today is your birthday:

Don’t be too right, it’s ok if you lose an argument, when you are too rigid you could break, bend when needed, if you don’t learn to compromise it will cause breakups or separations.  Often you might feel like you could be bi-polar, no such thing, you are just brimming with personality and are so spiritually open that you are a spiritual sponge.  You can walk in a place with heavy energy and walk out with a headache, talk to another person they feel better, but you feel like what just happened to me.  Work on your spirituality and when you get it you will go far, you were gifted with spiritual powers, develop them and be all you can be.