Energy of the day:

Want to make some changes in your life, move, change jobs or position, what ever the change, get engaged etc, today is a good day to make change happen.

Libra:  Even if all you do is drink a glass of wine, see a movie you enjoy, remind yourself it’s all about the little things.


If today is your birthday:

The possibility for change is all around you, even a change of job or career, support from others is also around you, help from unexpected sources.  Naturally attractive don’t let it go to your head, be faithful in relationships and never forget what you have is like a diamond attractive to others but how often they discard that wish they want after using it, don’t be fooled and trust your gut as to who is truly yours and who just wants what you got.  Pay attention to your intuition and reams as they may yet reveal your true purpose in this life.  If you drink be careful in a place where liquor is served, let’s say complications.