Energy of the day:

One of the better days this month, so just take if for a spin, on these types of days the odds on things working out better for us this is one of those days.

If today is your birthday:

For you who lives in your head exercise my yet be your answer so be regular in the gym or just walk an hour a day will clear the cobwebs that burden you with excess.  I like for you warm teas to relax your nervous system, be of service to others will fulfill and put you on the right track to achievement.  Your intuition if on can help you out of jam so pay attention and listen to spirit.  There is a fresh start someone why not you, deserving you are.


In astrology there are 12 houses some are for love & family while others are about health, yet others money, work, careers etc.  For example house 6 is all about health, maturity, self expression, etc.