Energy of the day:

A good energy day to keep things on an even flow, so just keep it status flow and all will be well.

Sagittarius: Avoid impulsive decisions as they can cost you to start again, if you’re all fired up try and channel that energy into something constructive and grow.

If today is your birthday:

Forgiveness over those who wrong you will bring peace of soul, time heals all.  Go to church and ask for help ask God to give you a release from this quick anger that often befalls you.  Famous is in the blood, practical, tendencies towards the arts, architecture, where you step people notice, good communicators.  Intuitive, so pay attention, can be driven to exhaustion because they want to please can be taken advantage at work.  Can be in same place or position even thought have incredible potential so does not like change if not necessary.  Will do well as newspaper or news media, a bit bipolar so keep an eye and if so, get help.  Careful what you ask for, when you pray for something to happen make sure you want it and for the right reasons.  Do not confuse love with passion, respect the emotions of others who willingly give you their trust, love etc.