Energy of the day:

A great energy day of initiation, so if you’ve been doing work and preparation on a new project then today will be a good starting point, the energy is most important today to start anything positive.

Capricorn:  Time to go back and check your work, look at all you’ve accomplished and perhaps it will give you a new resolve and direction to push forwards into your future.


If today is your birthday:

If you are thinking of moving to another city, state, country, think carefully.  Be careful not to get pregnant out of wedlock. You are clairvoyant, able to give advice, counseling, if you look at life from the light, you will have a clear heart and mind your advice you will be able to give spiritual guidance.  Look at your body if you have a birthmark ask your parents if there was an issue while you were being cooked in your mother’s belly.  Destiny was given a request you be born and have a long life, don’t throw it all away, your ancestors felt your soul was special, thus worthy of being born.   Creativity coming out your ears, there is nothing you put in your mind you can’t accomplish.  Intuition beyond so listen up and grow to your full potential.